Home Page for Alumni Weekend and Heritage Day
July 14-16, 2017 (updated February 2017)

  We are just getting started with the preparations for this year's Alumni
Banquet and Heritage Day Weekend.  As you may have heard, we are having
a change in venue, due to the sale of Premier Banquet Center to a local
church.  So this year, we will be gathering at the Event Center at Good
Times of Olean on Friday, July 14, 2017.  If you have not experienced Good
Times yet, you will find it has a lot of activities in a very large complex.  
They have bowling alleys, arcade games, mini-golf, volleyball pits, the
Hammerback Bar and Grill, The Point Restaurant for fine dining, and the
Snak Shak for quick, casual meals.  

  Our dinner will be held in their private banquet room which has been
updated with nice carpeting, new wall decor, audio/visual capability, and a
portable cash bar.  The
evening begins at 6pm with a social hour and dinner
at 7pm
.  Our program features our scholarship recipient and the Portville Hall
of Fame inductees for this year.  After the banquet, hang out there or head
to the Portville American Legion Street Dance in Portville.

Fun Alumni Activities Last Year

    Our favorite day in the summer is always Heritage Day in Downtown
Portville!  It is the place to be all day Saturday when tents and vendors are
set up all around Pioneer Park.  Bob and Holly Fischer's Antique Car Show is
a main feature as well as children's games, a petting zoo, chicken BBQ at
the Fire Hall, more food and many crafts.

    Our Alumni Committee set up a large tent for the first time, providing
shade and places to sit for anyone needing a rest.  We designed an alumni
t-shirt and had a tie-dye station for anyone desiring a more funky look.

    We got to see many of our classmates and their families while everyone
took in the booths and food available.  We had a few sprinkles of rain but it
served us well, cooling off the hot July temp.

Alumni Get Physical

    We held our first 5K Fun Run/Walk in 2016 and the event was well
received by a dozen and a half enthusiastic early morning runners/walkers.  
Participants stopped at dice run stations along our route that was marked
with photographs and descriptions of historic landmarks of Portville.

  The die-hards never broke their stride for the entire route and others had
a more casual jaunt and enjoyed the sites.  The best dice roll was awarded
prizes at the finish line.  An easy pre-registration form is required so we can
be prepared for the crowd.  We all had a great time!
  Extreme Sportsman Preston Van Curen led the Alumni Kayakers down the
Allegheny River.  They got everyone equipped and started off at about
10:30am at Mill Grove, arriving at Linn Landing by the Steam Valley Bridge
shortly before noon.   Despite some concerns about low river level
conditions, everyone enjoyed the event and will be back for this year's
regatta.  Bring your own kayak and paddle or borrow one from us.

Stretch Out Your Weekend to Sunday

   On Sunday, a group of us had a fun trek up to the Bear's Cave on the
"New War Path" and when we reached the top, a hot breakfast was waiting
for us.  For us older alumni, the hill behind the school has changed a lot in
the last 40 years!  The brush is so overgrown you can no longer see down to
the village.  Our surprise guest was Mr. Denny Dorman, beloved gym teacher
for so many of us.  We had a small vehicle to transport the supplies and
anyone unable to hike up the path.  No one left behind!   The woods were
cool and the memories came flooding back from our youthful days of gym
and track practice.  If you love nostalgia, this is the event for you.

   The school opened their Pierson Ropes Course on Sunday afternoon with
free access to the pubic.  Many thanks to the teachers who assisted - they
are specially qualified to be guides on the course.  No matter how many of
these types of challenges you have already done, it is always an exhilarating
experience.  Frair's Forest is a fun place to play and the course, named after
Bernice Pierson, is a great addition to Portville school.

    For more information on 2017 events, go to our
Calendar of Events
page.   You will also find the reservation form for the Banquet and
registration forms for our special events (5K, Kayaking, and Hike) formatted
in printable PDF files.

Portville Alumni T-Shirts

    We are making some changes to our alumni store this year.  We have
decided to sell our own t-shirt.  
Go to our store page for more information.

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Help us Keep Accurate Records

    This year our honor classes are the ones that end in 7 like 1967 for the
50-year class or in 2 like 1982 for the 35-year class.  Some of our alumni
members attend each year regardless of their year and we welcome all
members at every banquet.

    Thank you to all of the alumni who have taken the time to send us an
address update.  Keeping track of everyone that went to Portville's Schools
is a huge job and requires two committee people plus each Class

    This process is never finished due to the large number of records in our
database.  If you have not attended the banquet in a few years, we possibly
do not have your most recent address or current email.  It just takes a
minute to send us an update. Contact us directly at our link
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    The Portville Central School Alumni facebook group is for alumni - about
alumni - so we encourage posts about classes and classmates.  
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