The Portville Alumni Association

The Portville Alumni Association has been active for 119 years, supporting
the graduates of Portville's schools with an annual dinner.  If you
attended one of Portville's earlier one-room schools, Portville High School,
or Portville Central School, then you share a common education experience
with over five thousand other alumni.

The first Portville Alumni Association was established in 1898 when a
group of 1888 graduates wanted to remain close friends.  It was their
10-year reunion but they decided to get together every year to rekindle
friendship and reminisce.  As a result, an annual alumni banquet has been
held for the last 119 years, with the exception of the year 1972, when the
flood waters of Hurricane Agnes severely damaged Portville.

Ever since the first year, there has been a committee of dedicated alumni
to sponsor a banquet.  Over the years, a tradition has developed whereby
the dinner is held in conjunction with Portville Heritage Days, which is
usually held on the second weekend in July (but there may be exceptions
depending on the calendar).

The annual dinner event is the culmination of a year's worth of work for
the committee.  Our activities include updating contact information,
planning the venue for the banquet, finding ways to generate donations
and funds for the association, sending out mailers for reservations,
collecting reservations and money from attending alumni, producing a
school slideshow for the event, etc.  

We are always looking for new and interesting ways to keep Portville
school history updated and available and maintaining contact with alumni
over the years.  Please let us know if you have any of your own

The Alumni Association Committee for 2017-2018

There are six officers on the Board, all of whom have very specific
responsibilities.  We have four additional committee members who help
organize our annual event.  Any alumni who wishes to help can contact us
about becoming a committee member.
Teresa Piccirillo
Stuart Foster
Vice President
Cindy (Harrison) Keeley
Diana (Eldridge) Welty
Corresponding Secretary
Kristin Woodhead
Recording Secretary
Preston Van Curen
Committee Member
Anne (Wilson) Sutter
Alan Bernstein
Committee Member
About Us
Ron Aaron
Committee Member
Tammy (Chisholm) Aaron
Committee Member
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